What you need to know about puberty

What you need to know about puberty In this article, I will try to give some context for people who are trying to prevent their child's childhood. As children, we are often asked the same question: "Why do we need a father in childhood so much?" And most people think that this is the cause of male impotence. But this is not the case. The cause is a set of habits that are harmful to health. And it is not a problem only for men. A set of habits can have a positive impact on the body, as long as they do not lead to negative consequences. Important for both sexes.Before starting running with me, you should first understand what you are aiming for. You want to raise your son in a environment where everything is equal? If he says no, then continue to run to a place where everyone is treated equally, treat him like a second child, treat him like an adult.There is no universal definition of "male"orum. Some people are born masculine, and others are born feminine. So if you have a desire to become a man, then you have to define it in a strict way what it is you want, and don't treat everyone the same. I am not saying that everyone should strive for the heights, but it is important to understand that there is nothing to be ashamed of.